This Stats Table For Bloodstalker Level (120) And To Update Data You Can Change Level Under Page.

Bloodstalker Ark Stats

BaseCurrent lvl (120)
Health 450 11160
Stamina 600 7740
Oxygen 150 1935
Food 1200 15480
Weight 350 1183
Melee Damage 100% 695%
Torpidity 180 1465.2

Location Bloodstalker

some are way up in the big tree`s so far up you`d need around 8 climbing picks and you need bloodbags to feed them as they wont accept anything else BUT alot of them 1 is like 0.3 in the taming bar, try searching in the very bottom of the Bog Biome south,


Base food : Blood Pack

Favorite Kibble : None

Kibble For :

Ridable : Yes

Base torpor : 180

Type : Carnivore

Similar Flying Creatures
Taming mult
Food Rate mult