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Bloodstalker Food


1/Gather Blood Bags via the Blood Extraction Syringe (extracting from Human bodies)
2/Store blood in preserving bin or refrigerator until ready to use
3/The number of bags needed is determined by the Bloodstalkers level & tame timer on your server
4/Craft parachutes, torches, armor and anything else you need to travel throughout the Bog
5/Put the blood bags in your inventory last minute, they decay rapidly
6/Wander around the SE / E region of Bog and wait for one to catch you
7/Don’t struggle when your targeted, let it pull you in
8/When it starts to feed it will pull blood out of the blood bags
9/Contingency One: If you are running low on blood bags and see that he is far from being tamed struggle free and use the parachute to escape because he will eat you once the blood bags run dry
10/If you get a successful tame it will instantly equip you to him

QuantityTimeNarcoberryNarcoticsBio Toxin
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